8th Annual Evening of Masonic Light

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Evening of Masonic Light Ancient York Lodge

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A Lodge of Master Masons will open at 3PM

After our speakers and Lodge closes, a Social Hour will begin at approximately, 5:30 pm with an Agape banquet to follow at approximately 6:30pm. During the meal, we will be carrying on additional Masonic discussion on a topic to be determined later.

This event will be for Master Masons only.


Keynote Speaker
Bro. Chuck Dunning, Jr. , Author of “Contemplative Masonry”.
Presenting: Hiram Must Die!

“We often regard the death of Hiram Abif as an instance of injustice, inhumanity, and evil. But what if there is another way to understand this myth which is central to our Masonic journey? What if it contains clues about the secret workings of the psyche that ensure we have plenty of opportunities for liberation and renewal? This presentation offers such a perspective, and challenges its audience to see the story of Hiram Abif continually playing itself out within themselves.“

About Bro Dunning:
Chuck Dunning, author of Contemplative Masonry: Basic Applications of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Imagery for the Craft, has been a Master Mason since 1988. His mother lodge is Haltom City-Riverside #1331, in Haltom City, Texas, he is also a member of Albert Pike #162 in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and an honorary member of Sophia #767 in Salisbury, North Carolina. Chuck is a Full Member of the Texas Lodge of Research, and belongs to a number of other Masonic research societies. In the Scottish Rite, Chuck is a Knight Commander of the Court of Honor, Director of Education for the Guthrie Valley in Oklahoma, and a Class Director for the Fort Worth Valley in Texas. In 2012 he became the founding Superintendent of the Academy of Reflection, which is a chartered organization for Scottish Rite Masons wanting to integrate contemplative practice with their Masonic experience. Chuck is a member of the Society for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education, and has been engaged in various forms of contemplative practice for over three decades. In his career in higher education and mental health, in Masonry, and with other groups and individuals, he facilitates and teaches mindfulness, meditation, and imagery to enhance peoples’ experiences of life in many ways. Chuck holds a master’s degree in counselor education and a bachelor’s degree in psychology, both from the University of North Texas.


Lodge Speaker
Worshipful Brother Ryan J. Flynn
Presenting: The Divine Master

“In the sixteenth century, one man produced a series of works that are today viewed by over 20 million visitors each year. They come for the beauty, the prestige, and the raw emotion that these works embody.

But when looked at in a certain light, we find that this man bridged the worlds of operative and speculative masonry using hidden symbolism right in front of our eyes, begging us to ask the question, was this man actually a Freemason?”

To download the flyer for the event, click here.

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