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At our Stated Communication last night, I made a pledge to help raise $2,000 on behalf of Ancient York Lodge No. 89 by September 30 for the Veterans Count Program in the State of New Hampshire. To help meet that goal, we have started this PayPal campaign. We realize times are tough, and understand if you are unable to make a donation, but any amount gets us closer to our goal.

Veterans Count is a non-profit organization that is sponsored by the Easter Seals. These donations are slated to help the newly formed Nashua chapter.

Here is the PayPal link to donate:

Here are the details on the organization from their website:

“What happens when a veteran comes home from a tour and is without a job, without a place to live and has bills to pay? What happens when a family struggles financially when a loved one is serving overseas?

Military service often presents hardships to individuals and families. You can help by joining the Veterans Count Club.

The Veterans Count Club was created to ensure New Hampshire’s veterans and their families do not have to endure personal struggles after sacrificing so much for our country. The Veterans Count Club, quite simply, provides financial assistance to veterans and their families in need of emergency services.

This financial support may include, but is not limited to transportation, housing, rent, fuel assistance, utilities, vehicle repair, gasoline, food, child care, tuition and medical. This includes emergency funding during predeployment, deployment and return from service. A care plan is developed for each client to ensure that veterans, service members and their families receive the assistance they need to become self-sufficient.

We need your help! The Veterans Count Club is a prestigious and truly effective means to make a profound and immediate impact in the lives of our military families.”

To find out more, please visit:

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