Message from the East

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My Brothers,
I hope everyone has had a great summer! At the business meeting, in September, we will be doing
Rick Jones lesson for Entered Apprentice. He’s doing well and should be moving right along. if eligible, we will be doing the Fellow Craft Degree the first Tuesday in October. The Eastern Star Ladies will be at the lodge meeting, Tuesday, September 25th, for the Pink Ladies Degree. Your significant others are welcome to attend. Dinner will be $15.00.

During my term I have been tying to bring back old members we have not seen in a while. We had
the first visitation at Rising Sun Lodge on August 22nd. The lodge did the Canadian Charge and the
Flag talk and they did a great job. Ancient York had six members there. We are in fourth place, right behind Derry. The lodges will be putting on programs instead of the district officers this year. Our visitation at Ancient York will be November 9th.

I would like to bring the travel award back to Ancient York. To that end, I would like each of our
officers to call one Brother and see if he would like to come to lodge. I wonder what things we might
find out! The Brothers that are not in line just want to attend meetings and have an enjoyable and inspirational experience. The Brothers that no longer attend are also important, but we failed their fraternal needs. If we can find out what their needs are, maybe some of them will feel welcome again.

Sincerely & Fraternally,
W∴ Michael S. Henry, Master
(1) 233-0561;

Attest: R ∴W∴ Thomas S. Lowe, PM, Secretary
(1) 210-8203;

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