May 2017 Master’s Message

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Greetings from the East,
“Knowledge is attained by degrees.” The more I learn about Freemasonry, the more I love this line in our opening charge. The line simply means that in all things, to progress from A to B, you must understand A to understand B; or as our dear passed Brother R:.W:. Jack L. Caynon once told me “some people are just not ready to learn these things.”

I like to compare it to the person who finds a rash on their neck, goes on webMD and comes to the conclusion that despite it being a simple rash it is most likely a terminal disease. If he or she had been educated as a doctor, had passed through the degrees of medical knowledge, than an educated diagnosis would have been made, rather than a impulsive uneducated guess.

Masonry is no different. Our degrees must be approached as a substantial undertaking where the memorizing
our catechistic lessons is only one small part of the process. We must have an inquisitive mind. We must ask and promote questions, and we must utilize our fraternal bond and together seek the answers as a unified lodge.
As we all progress together through our masonic journey, sharing the knowledge we gain is paramount in the
preservation of the fraternity.

Ryan J. Flynn
Worshipful Master

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