June 2018 Master’s Message

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Fraternal Greetings,

For those of you who have been attending lodge functions, you have been hearing a big push for visiting other lodges. In my opinion, traveling to other lodges is one of the most important things a Master Mason can do. Traveling not only broadens the mind by allowing you to hear other lodge’s point of views, and educational presentations, but it also introduces to you to countless Masons who will immediately treat you as a friend and brother.

I constantly find myself saying “I have a lot of friends there…” when speaking to other people, and, those people not being Masons, have routinely asked me how I seem to know someone where ever I go. The answer is this great fraternity.

Get out there and travel! And if you are planning on visiting a specific lodge, let us know so you can have some brothers join you. If you a member of Ancient York and now live elsewhere, let us know so we can come visit you.
Ryan Flynn
Worshipful Master

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