2015 AYL Officers

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At our Stated Communication on December 9, 2014, the following officers were elected and appointed for 2015.

Worshipful Master: Christopher J. Busby
Senior Warden: Ryan J. Flynn
Junior Warden: Richard L. Jones
Secretary: Thomas S. Lowe
Associate Secretary: David B. Molnar
Treasurer and Trustee: Harold A. Brodell
Associate Treasurer: Stephen K. Bahsler
Grand Lodge Representative: Adam Frieband

Appointed Officers:
Chaplain: Michael S. Henry
Associate Chaplain: Ronald J. LaTerza
Senior Deacon: Christopher H. Fowler
Junior Deacon: Michael R. Mader
Senior Steward: Gary Waters
Junior Steward: Aaron Ladner
Marshal: Shane Bertrand
Tyler: S. Jack Brenner
Organist: Joseph R. Olefirowicz

Congratulations to all!

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